abrell brings animal instincts to coe

The COE shares faculty from across departments and programs at Wesleyan, including government, history, art, dance, computer science, English, philosophy, environmental science, biology, African American studies, physics, classical studies, chemistry, Science in Society, theater, religion, economics, archaeology, and more. Elan Abrell is currently a visiting assistant professor of environmental studies at Wesleyan. He will become a professor of the practice in environmental studies in fall 2022.

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pinkus ’21 supports volunteerism at us forest service

Andrei PinkusAndrei Pinkus ‘21 is a communications and data support resource assistant at the US Forest Service. During his time at Wesleyan, Andrei was a recipient of a 2020 COE Summer Research Fellowship. He graduated with a BA in government and environmental studies.

Why did you choose to be an environmental studies (ENVS) linked major here at Wes?
I’ve always had a passion for environmental issues. Even as a kid I was aware of the negative ways humans influence the environment; I made a habit of turning off lights, taking shorter showers, and never wasting food. So, in that way, I suppose I’ve always been environmentally conscious. Only at Wesleyan, through my ENVS classes, did I realize just how intersectional (and important) the field was. The environment is everything, and without it we have nothing. Although it sometimes feels like an impossible quest, I want to dedicate my career to doing whatever is possible to make the world at least just a little better than when I came into it. That’s why I chose to be an ENVS major.

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meet our 2022 envs linked majors!

Environmental Studies (ENVS) is a linked major, meaning all ENVS majors have a primary major in another department (so linked equals more, not less). Our ENVS class of 2022 includes 27 students across 14 different primary majors, from chemistry to film studies, from economics to English, from psychology to government. Learn more, below!

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