i’m feeling (the class of 20) ’22

Congratulations to our 25 ENVS majors graduating with Wesleyan’s Class of 2022! Always amazing to recognize the breadth of our ENVS students, from majors across the university, and the depth of their academic research and interests! Find out more, below!






Belle BrownBelle Brown (GOVT/ENVS) — Phi Beta Kappa — Rich Prize (Orations) — Skirm Prize (best junior research or writing project) — Belle’s senior capstone project culminated in a performance of her original show, “Wesleyan Tonight,” here on campus earlier this month. Watch Wesleyan Tonight! Read all about the show in The Wesleyan Connection. 



Ally DetreAlly Detre (E&ES/ENVS) — Honors  (E&ES) — Mary & John Sease Prize (E&ES) — “The Rolling Riparian Review: Evaluating the Riparian Plant Community Composition in the Big Bend Reach of the Rio Grande/Bravo.” Read all about Ally’s experience as a 2021 COE summer fellow, conducting research for her thesis, on our coexist blog.



Allegra Dominguez (PSYC/ENVS) — “Project Instructions for Introduction to Environmental Studies”




Haley FishHaley Fish (GOVT/ENVS) — “To Drill or Not to Drill: An Analysis of Ecuador’s Oil Dilemma”





Lilley GallagherLilley Gallagher (PSYC/ENVS) — ENVS Honors — COE Think Tank Fellow — Schumann Distinguished Student Award — Phil Beta Kappa —Wesleyan’s Relationship to Plant-Based Eating: Implications for Sustainable Behavior Change”



Hannah GearanHannah Gearan (FILM/ENVS) — Phi Beta Kappa — Toxic Faucets: Five Decades in Durham, CT (film)




Kat HubbardKat Hubbard (ECON/ENVS) — ENVS Honors — Plukas Teaching Apprentice Award —Among Miners and Farmers: Untangling FDI and Environmental Policies in Brazil Under Jair Bolsonar”




William Huestis (PHIL/ENVS) — “Sustainability in the Surfboard Production Industry”





Dylan JuddDylan Judd (CHEM/ENVS) — Phi Beta Kappa — COE Think Tank Fellow — Bradley Prize (Chemistry) — “The (Nano)Structure of Scientific Revolutions: How Increased Understanding of Nanocatalytic Interfaces Through DRIFTS Can Alter All Facets of Energy Production”



Tucker KelschTucker Kelsch (GOVT/ENVS) — “Administrative Adaptation to Environmental Needs”





Tucker KirchbergerTucker Kirchberger (PHIL/ENVS) — “Wesleyan University’s Campus on High Street… Historical Perspectives in Architecture and Urban Planning”




Grace Kohn

Grace Kohn (HISP/ENVS) — ENVS High Honors —Body Shape Variation in the Bryconops melanurus Complex (Characiformes: Iguanodectidae) Using Traditional and Geometric Morphometrics”




Asher LeemingAsher Leeming (ECON/ENVS) — “Sharks, Culture, and Conservation: A Media Study”





Megan LevanMegan Levan (UNIV/ENVS) — Phi Beta Kappa High Honors (General Scholarship) — “What’s All The Buzz About Eating Bugs?: Exploring a Sustainable Future for Entomophagy in Generally Bug-Averse Cultures.” Read all about Megan’s Bugsgiving event held at Wesleyan this past November!  Read all about Megan’s experience conducting research for her thesis as a  2021 COE summer fellow, on our coexist blog!



Abi PipkinAbi Pipkin (GOVT/ENVS) — “Boundary” (podcast). Read all about Abi’s experience conducting research for her Boundary podcast, focusing on land use in the Smokies, as a 2021 COE summer fellow, on our coexist blog! Listen to Boundary here.



Tanvi PunjaTanvi Punja (ANTH/ENVS) — “Zero Budget Natural Farming in India: Complex Realities in Alternative Systems”




Mackenzie SheehanMackenzie Sheehan (ECON/ENVS) — COE Think Tank Fellow Plukas Teaching Apprentice Award — “Surprise Flooding: New York City Price Effect after Hurricane Sandy”




Corey Silverman-LloydCorey Silverman-Lloyd (FILM/ENVS) — Boxed In (film)





Ben SilverstoneBen Silverstone (ENGL/ENVS) — Gape God: And Other Essays on the Faith of a Naturalist





Shaya TousiShaya Tousi (ENGL/ENVS) — “War, Environmental Destruction, and the Development of the Iranian Climate Refugee after the Iran-Iraq War”




Becky VelieBecky Velie (PSYC/ENVS) — ENVS High Honors Exploring Gaps in Perceptions Among Users and Managers of New Hampshire Lake Health”