siebert honored as wildlife ambassador

The Wildlife Ambassador award presented to Charles Siebert by Born Free USA.

Charles Siebert, the 2019-20 Menakka and Essel Bailey ’66 Distinguished Visiting Scholar of the College of the Environment, was honored at Born Free USA’s A Night for Wildlife event on September 26th with the Wildlife Ambassador award. Siebert was chosen for the award for “his work exposing the horrors and fallacies behind elephants in captivity.” His recent New York Times magazine cover story examined the importation of 18 African elephants by three U.S. zoos, and was a driving factor behind the passage of a new CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) resolution that prohibits the future importation of wild elephants for zoo exhibits.

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Siebert is a Professor of Practice of Literature and Creative Writing at New York University Abu Dhabi as well as an accomplished essayist, journalist, poet, and author. He is a contributing writer to the New York Times (including 14 cover stories) and has also written for The New Yorker, Harper’s Magazine, and National Geographic, among other publications. His three critically acclaimed memoirs (The Wauchula Woods Accord: Toward A New Understanding of Animals, A Man After His Own Heart, and Wickerby: An Urban Pastoral) and other writings offer insight into our relationships with animals, the natural world, and each other.