weil delivers “beastly” keynote

Last month, Kari Weil, University Professor of the College of Letters and a faculty member of the College of the Environment, delivered the keynote address at Beastly Modernisms, an international conference on the animal turn in modernist studies hosted by Glasgow University. Her keynote, entitled “Modernisms, Magnetisms, and the Beastly Burdens of Memory,” focused on animal magnetism–the force that one animal body can have one another.

Read more about the conference, and Weil’s keynote, here.

At Wesleyan, Weil teaches in a variety of interdisciplinary programs, with classes ranging from an Introduction to Animal Studies First-Year Seminar to the COL Senior Colloquium. Last February, Weil delivered the opening talk for Bestiary, an art exhibit exploring medieval compendia of animals. In October 2018, she wrote a chapter on difference in Critical Terms for Animal Studies, by Professor Lori Gruen.